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Tattoo Removal Toronto Laser Clinic

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Our Doctors are Toronto’s experts for laser tattoo removal, personally performing over 2000 treatments a year since 2001.

We use 3 separate laser systems with 5 wavelengths, the same systems used in major hospitals. If we cannot clear the tattoo, likely no one can. We can treat all colors (yellow and orange are the hardest)

Only licensed physicians can provide you with the strongest topical anesthetic. Only by properly freezing the tattoo can the laser be set high enough to clear the tattoo quickly. Otherwise you may simply be wasting time and money. There is no charge for freezing the skin.

In expert hands, side effects are rare. But we do often see scarring and pigment changes in patients done elsewhere. We are proud of our virtually zero complication rates. But we also have lasers to try and reverse some complications should they happen, and can prescribe medication in the event one occurs.

Fees (click to see) vary by size, and is a guideline. Outlines, or tattoos not “filled in” drop down the scale.  

Please send a photo for us to see, or to ask a question:


Please note, genuine tattoo lasers are extremely powerful. We often see scarring from treatments done elsewhere, and it is not usually reversible. Please consider your choice of clinic carefully.


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